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Established in 1949 we are Fort Lauderdale's Premier Powerboat Club offering Practical On-the-water US Powerboat training!

Boating School Testimonials
Here are some of the many testimonials of pleased and satisfied students of our boating school. Castle Harbor offers powerboat lessons from our docks in Coconut Grove south of Miami, Florida with easy access to Biscayne Bay.

Boating School Testimonials
Power Boat School Testimonials

Boating School Testimonials

"The class was awesome, thank you. Great instructor. Very knowledgeable. He mentioned there is another, more advanced 4 hour class on the 26’ Cat. I would like to take that class. Can you let me know when the next one is scheduled for?"
Nelson D.

"I wanted to thank you for all your help. The Safe Powerboat Handling course was phenomenal. Santiago was great and the hands on portion was instrumental in building confidence on the water. I’m really happy with the course."
Another Satisfied Student

"This class was amazing. Instructor was awesome for both the classroom and boat portions of the course. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn about boating."
Another Satisfied Student

"Professional and helpful in all aspects. Thank you."
Another Satisfied Student

"Great Course!
There is so much to learn about boating that is commen sense. I'm so glad I took this course in order to learn basic navigation and safety on the water. Instructor was amazing in both classroom and hands-on settings. The hands-on learning is invaluable to me since a lot of boating is determined by changing situations. Instructor taught us about all possible situations that can happen on the water. I will personally be asking for her if I need any additional boater education in the future."
Another Satisfied Student

"Truly gifted as a boating instructor. Excellent, excellent."


"My wife and I had a fantastic learning experience last weekend.
Our thanks to you, her and the whole team."
Cliff and Salome S
Branchburg, NJ

"Excellent instructor and I could not be happier with this experience. I got a lot more out of this course than I expected and would definitely recommend this course."

"Fabulous, knowledgeable instructor. I am leaving with more confidence and excited to gain more experience on the water."
Another Satisfied Student

"My instructor was great! He truly was what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend the program."
Another Satisfied Student

"Excelente Instructor, felicitamos al Sr. George Zima por su buena facilitación de la información, paciencia y buena disposición en cada momento. Quedamos muy contentos y satisfechos!!"

"My instructor was knowledgable and patient. Top notch! I would love to learn more from him."
Another Satisfied Student

"Excellent Course. Instructors patient and willing to teach. They always made sure you undestood all tasks and always allowed for questions."
Another Satisfied Student

"Great Experience and Course! Found the whole experience to be exactly what was needed for my future pleasure of boating in Florida."
Satisfied Powerboat Student

"My instructor was skilled beyond words and will teach you everything you need to know about the winds, the oceans and all of life's unanswerable questions."
Michael B.
Miami, FL

"Spent four days Castle Harbor with my MBA program in December '09. The Castle Harbor staff were awesome. I was amazed at how much I learned in such a short time. The Biscayne Bay was absolutely beautiful that time of year, and it was just an all around great experience. The class behind me also did a travel seminar with Castle Harbor and the reviews were great."
Chris S.
Beverly, MA
Instructor Testimonial

"Great! Course material was challenging.
Expertise on the water was priceless."

Satisfied Student

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