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Basic Powerboating
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Powerboat School
Basic Powerboating Certification- 2 DAYS

Summary: This course will give the beginner powerboater the skills and confidence to safely enjoy recreational boating in familiar waters. At the end of the second day with passing scores a POWERBOATING CERTIFICATION may be earned.
Prerequisites: No requirements necessary.

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Power Boat Course Testimonial
"Very glad that I took the Powerboat Course. I learned much more than I thought I would and discovered interests I never knew I had."
Satisfied Powerboat Student
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Description: The minimum recommended hours of instruction for student certification is 18 hours, however, students with extensive, prior powerboating experience may challenge our course requirements in a 4-hour instructor challenge. Our course include formal classroom instruction, demonstrations, and the final examination. The content of the Basic Powerboating Course Lesson Plan includes discussion of topics vital to the average recreational boater. Castle Harbor feels that films, videos, and publications are an excellent source of supplemental information to classroom discussion; however, they should not be used to replace actual instruction both in the class and on the water.

Your classroom course will include:
  • State Regulations & License Requirements
  • The Powerboat (video)
  • Preparation & Equipment Requirements
  • Safety & Emergencies
  • Operating a Boat / Maneuvering Concepts
  • Boating Decisions / Weather
  • Rules of the Road (video)
  • Navigational Aids (video)
  • Maneuvering in Close Quarters
  • Water Sports
  • Maneuvering in Open Water
Your on-the-water course will include:
  • Safe Boarding
  • Loading Gear Safely
  • Throttle Operation
  • Steering Mechanics
  • Electrical Systems/Battery
  • Engine Check and Introduction
  • Hull & Fittings
  • Securing & Un-securing to Dock
  • Instruments
  • Fueling & Lubrication Location & Procedures
  • Starting Procedures w/ & w/o choke
  • Priming Fuel
The Basic Powerboat Course requires 2 days. A third day is required for certification with the group. A 1-day Challenge is available for experienced boaters and is an evaluation.

Contact Us for more information and be on your way to better powerboating skills.

Power Boat Course Testimonial
"Excellent Course. Instructors patient and willing to teach. They always made sure you undestood all tasks and always allowed for questions."
Another Satisfied Powerboat Student

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