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Boating Safety Through Education and Practical Training Since 1949

Catalina 27 Racing School At CASTLE HARBOR Sailing School, we have been teaching yacht racing skills for over 40 years. Thousands of sailors have come through our programs, either learning the basics or polishing advanced sailing skills. Our coaches are national and world champions and offshore racing veterans.

Our racing course curriculum has been finely polished and we never cease in updating the course contents. In the classroom, we use a truly multimedia approach, using course books, videos, and/or lectures. Our coaches are all selected for both their racing skills, and their ability to convey their knowledge effectively.

But you can talk theory until you are blue in the face; it doesn't mean a thing until you put it into practice. At Castle Harbor Sailing School, we strive to spend 4-6 hours on the water everyday, conducting drills and practice sessions which reflect the experience of many thousands of hours of making sailors faster! We sail our fleet of evenly matched high performance boats, our Catalina 275's, which are nimble, responsive, and perfect learning platforms. And with a maximum crew of five per boat, you are sure to keep busy and get lots of personal attention.

Sail Racing Courses- Catalina 275
Sailboat Racing Courses Catalina 275

In our racing classes, you will take your racing skills further in one week than a whole season of trial-and-error racing. You will hone your boat handling skills, learn starting, upwind and downwind tactics and strategy and much more. Choose from Introduction to Racing or Advanced Yacht Racing classes, or if you can't make the full week long courses, take a look at our weekend offerings for some great options.


Perfect for sailors getting into racing, and those who have crewed a fair amount but are looking to advance their game.

Catalina 275 Review

Sailboat Racing Courses- Catalina 275
Sailboat Racing Courses Catalina 275


Castle Harbor has been offering racing instruction and coaching since our founding in 1949.

Designed as a foundation course for racers, this five-day intro to racing and rules is a broad-based sailing course that covers race boat handling as well as basic strategy and tactics. Taught aboard our identical Catalina 275''s, there will be five people aboard each boat plus an instructor, which guarantees participants plenty of personal attention.

Racing Classroom
Sail Racing School Classroom

Each day begins with a chalk talk and then proceeds onto the water where you will experience every position on the boat. By the end of the class you will have an in depth understanding of each position on the boat and how it relates to the other positions.

Onboard instruction includes orientation to the spinnaker and its use around the racecourse, crew assignments, sail shape and trim, tacking, gybing and starting drills, and short course racing. This class will take your racing skills further than a whole season of trial and error racing.

Topics in this sailing course include:
  • Boat handling
  • Spinnaker and Sail Handling
  • Sail Trim and Shape
  • Crew Organization
  • Onboard Communication
  • Yacht Racing Rules
  • Racing Strategy
  • Mark Rounding
  • Upwind Tactics
  • Downwind Tactics


Spinnaker Flying for Sail Racing Skills We teach on Catalina 275's which have all of the elements of the latest generation of sport boats: but are more comfortable, safer, and better learning platforms. No position requires more than average strength or agility. This means anyone can be successful. And focus can be on learning the actual task. The boats are nimble and responsive, and have huge cockpits, high booms, and are extremely well balanced.


Most of our team are full-time, year-round professional sailing coaches… not just seasonal, part-timers.


Castle Harbor has been teaching sailors since 1949. We teach our own curriculum which have been proven successful and launched thousands of sailing adventures…


The ability to sail a small boat on your own with confidence and a thorough understanding of skills such as those covered in our Learn to Sail Course will prepare you to get the most from the course. It is also appropriate for those with some racing background, but with limited time on the helm while racing, or those with cruising backgrounds looking to transition to racing. This is a great class to hone your boat handling skills!

Intro to Racing Price
$1295 per person.


This course is designed for racers with some experience who want to hone their skills and or polish a specific skill set. It is ideal for a crew that would like to come as a team and improve their ability to work together or improve what they see as a weakness in their game. It is also great for the skipper who wants to figure out how to organize the duties of his team and develop a better understanding of how the crew can work together more effectively. Use our starting drills and boat handling drills or let us know what specific weakness you want to work on and we will come up with a plan to achieve it. It is completely tailored to your specific needs both in duration and content. Call and discuss your needs with our chief coach and we will develop a program with you that works on your schedule. Make it a "working vacation" this winter in paradise.

$Inquire per person.

Contact Us for more info, scheduling and book yourself or crew for racing action!

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