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Our Fleet


Harbor 20
Harbor 20'
With incredible stability and loads of conveniences, the Harbor 20 can be rigged in minutes and sailed single-handedly, or with a group. The Harbor 20's 900 lb. torpedo-like bulb keel keeps the weight low in the water. This keel design gives the boat plenty of stability in heavy winds without slowing the boat down in light air with excessive weight.
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Catalina 27 for Rent
2016 Catalina 275 Sport
Brand new beautifully-balanced racer-cruiser with inboard diesel and enclosed head. Catalina has been designing solid, well-built and practical boats for cruisers and racers for 40 years and has always remained current with the design trends and styles of the times. The new 275 is a long step toward the future for both Catalina and Castle Harbor and we can see that there is huge potential for the boat to gain a wide and avid following.
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Twin Vee 22
2015 Twin Vee 22
Largest single-engine power catamaran available today. That means you get extraordinary fuel economy and a the smoothest ride possible in a 22 footer. These catamaran hulls are a more-efficient hull form and cut through the Biscayne Bay chop like a hot knife through butter. The 150hp engines burn 30% less fuel than a monohull because of this more-efficient hull form.The hulls are filled with foam and are unsinkable. Seating for 6-8 means you can bring the whole family out for a seagoing adventure to swim on the sandbars, snorkel the reefs, fish without rocking from side-to-side, explore exotic islands (Boca Chita Key), go out to eat at an exotic island restaurant (Boater's Grill) or just cool off while zooming around on the water.
Twin Vee 26 Power Cat
2015 Twin Vee 26
Once you experience this smooth ride you will never want to go out on a monohull again. Extremely stable in all conditions and able to go 30% faster than an equivalent monohull because the hull form is more efficient. Equipped with twin 150 hp engines she burns 30% less fuel that a monohull of the same size. Take your friends on a fast cruise to Boca Chita Island (20 minutes away) or to the Biscayne National Park/Elliott Key area (30 minutes away) for an exotic-fun trip that doesn't break the bank or just cruise Biscayne Bay for some beautiful sites.

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