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Sailing School Cancellations All lessons, rentals, charters and other activities require a 50% deposit to book the boat and/or instructor for the date specified. Without a deposit we cannot guarantee that a boat or activity will be made available.

All chartering of vessels require a Charter Agreement, ONLY excluding Harbor 20 rentals which are rented on a first come, first serve basis. The Charter Agreement MUST be signed by both the Charter (person chartering the vessel) and the Broker (Castle Harbor). The Charter Agreement MUST list all those on-board or occupying the vessel at any time.

All lessons require a completed Student Registration and Medical Form. The forms must be filled out for each course regardless of previously completing each form for a separate course. Exceptions ONLY for 2 hr. student sails.

Balance due for lessons, rentals, and charters are paid on the first day of class
or prior to the charter or rental date.

Cancellation Policy

American Sailing Association Castle Harbor Boating School
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