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Boating Safety Through Education and Practical Training Since 1949

Sailing School
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Learn To Sail Group W/O Cert
Learn to Sail Group W/Cert

Course required level of proficiency must be attained to receive certification. Text sold separately

I understand that the obligation to pay the fees, as outlined in this contract, is unconditional and that no portion of such fees, so paid or outstanding will be refunded or canceled as a result of subsequent absence, withdrawal, or dismissal. I understand that the deposit is non-refundable. I understand that Castle Harbor must make financial commitments for this course and that the overhead expenses do not diminish with the cancellation of a student.

No refunds w/o notice of cancellation 7 days prior to lesson start date.

I realize that sailing, as with many things in life, has some risks. I assume full responsibility for any loss or damage that may come to any person, boat, equipment, dock, or other property as the result of my improper use, negligence, violation of the rules or other actions which I may take or fail to take in conjunction with this course. I further agree to hold Castle Harbor Boats, Inc., it's instructors and other personnel, US Sailing, and their representatives harmless for injuries to person or property. I understand that Castle Harbor related photographs, with my image, may be used for Castle Harbor advertising.

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Castle Harbor Boating
America's Oldest Sailing School Since 1949
U.S. Sailing Center
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