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Established in 1949 we are Miami's Premier Powerboat Club offering Practical On-the-water US Powerboat training with Membership!

Executive Team Building Program
Build A Boat To Escape Gilligan's Island

This is a Team Building Event
It takes about 2.5-3 hours...Here's how it works:

Arrival and Setting
The group arrives in our beautiful park on Biscayne Bay. We gather on a stunning sand beach called the Atoll Pool. The Atoll Pool is ringed by mature coconut palm trees and resembles a South Pacific island-setting and wild iguanas, raccoons and tropical birds are everywhere...the facilitator is dressed in tropical attire as is our staff. Teams should be pre-assigned before the day of the event.

Corporate Build A Boat Setting

Building, Rigging, Goals and Protocols
Introductions are made and the facilitator describes the goals and protocol. Each team (of 2 or 3) gets together and is given some very basic construction materials (duct tape, rope, cardboard, some wood, some other materials) and is given 5 minutes to discuss their buildstrategy...some final instructions are given and a signal is sounded and the teams have 1 hour and 15 minutes to construct their "ship".

Judges Review Seaworthiness
Then the Judges review the vessels and make 1-2 suggestions (to ensure seaworthiness) and the Teams are given another 10 minutes to correct defects or make improvements (and it's also a good time for prerace "photo opportunities"). Each team is given 1 minute for the team leader to describe the "Design Philosophy" of their "masterpiece". Teams that add whimsical "design elements" that make the Judges laugh are given extra points. The winner of the Design Competition gets a 15 second head-start in the race. So, creativity plays a part in winning.

Build A Boat- Ready to Race!
Corporate Build A Boat

The Race Begins
Then the big moment arrives...each team appoints a paddler to navigate their vessel across the Atoll Pool to the Finish Line (each paddler must wear a life-jacket and we have life guards nearby). A countdown signal is given and the Race begins and the cheering is deafening.

Video- Castle Harbor BUILD A BOAT Corporate Event

Finish Line
Sadly, some vessels sink on the way, but the Atoll Pool is only the size of two Olympic pools and it's easy to swim to shore.

Build A Boat- The Finish Line
Corporate Build A Boat Finish Line

Scores and Awards
The winning team is awarded the top prize (usually some cheesy plastic Olympic medals) and more photos are taken.

Cheesy Plastic Olympic Medals Awarded
Cheesy Plastic Olympic Medals Awarded

Sea Stories and Hungry Sailors
Then usually the group changes into dry clothing (there are changing rooms nearby) and returns to their hotel to tell "sea stories" OR proceeds to a restaurant.

Park Details
The Park is technically supposed "to serve the Public first and foremost" they are picky about what times these events happen because the events "cannot interfere with the Public's use of the beach" we must hold this event between 9:00am and 12 noon or late in the day.

This page in a printable PDF format: Build A Boat To Escape Gilligan's Island.

Contact Us for more information for your next executive team building event. The Build A Boat and Race awaits you!

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