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Established in 1949 we are Miami's Premier Powerboat Club offering Practical On-the-water US Powerboat training with Membership!

Powerboating Licensing

On The Water Training- Basic Powerboating
We usually hold Group Classes of the Safe Powerboat Handling Certification Course on the second and fourth weekends of each month. Our course is a practical, hands-on boat-handling course unlike all the theoretical classroom courses given by the Power Squadron or the USCG License schools. Our Instructors are Certified by the state of Florida unlike many schools who have no Certification. If you already have extensive powerboat experience we have a "fast-track" course.

Power Boat Traning School

Power Boat Course Testimonial
"Great Experience and Course! Found the whole experience to be exactly what was needed for my future pleasure of boating in Florida."
Satisfied Powerboat Student

The Florida Boatsmart is recognized worldwide by all the major insurance companies. Group Courses are less expensive than Individual "Private" Courses because we can spread the cost of the boat, fuel and the Certified Instructor among more people. This is a two-day course that usually runs on a Saturday and Sunday (normally 9:30am to 4:30pm but can vary 1 hour either way). Private Courses can be scheduled to whenever suits you.

Powerboat Training
Powerboat School Miami

A description of the course follows...

US Coast Guard & NASBLA Approved
This 14-16-hour hands-on, on-the-water course is for anyone who wants to learn how to safely operate a small powerboat and improve their boat handling skills on actual boats. Students learn:

Engine & electrical systems
Starting procedures
Leaving & returning to a slip
Close-quarters maneuvers
Pivot Turns
High Speed Maneuvering
High Speed Stops
Precision Steering/Slalom Course
Navigation and Piloting
Steering a range
Proceeding to a destination
Person in Water rescue
Safety, prep & weather
Maneuvering concepts
Registration & capacities
Equipment requirements
Prep & fueling procedures
Navigation rules of the road
Aids to navigation
Environment regulations
Trip Planning

Prerequisites: None

Suggested Age: ages 10 on up.

If you are interested in reserving a spot we just need credit card details (number, expiration date, CVV code) and we don't charge the card until day-of-class or if you "no-show".

Contact Us for more information and be on your way to better powerboating skills.

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America's Oldest Boating School Since 1949
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